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errol mcleary [United Kingdom]
I have attempted on 3 occasions to download the Roy Orbison album Love is so Beautiful at £1.70 per attempt and on each occasion nothing has happened I know this is not due to my internet connection as I successfully down loaded a single track. Can you advise me on how I can seek reimbursement for my funds. Thanks
Gregory Rohr [United States]
Please add Phil Collins Other Sides and Remixed Sides to his catalog. Thanks!
David Dorsey [United States]
Peter Frampton's "Fingerprints" album is cross-tracked with something by the "Ohio Players". Of the 14 tracks that should be on Frampton's album, only 7 are present.
Yoshiyuki Hayashi [Japan]
Would you add these album? Prefuse73 - Fudge Beats Prefuse73 - Sacrifices
john Decarboned []
Why are all the new release cd covers all blurry and unfocused, I hope it can be fixed
Yoshiyuki Hayashi [Japan]
Would you upload New Album Bibio " Ribbons "
ralf arning [Germany]
Would you upload the new Wintersleep album "In the land of" - I would be very grateful!
Yoshiyuki Hayashi [Japan]
Hi,would like to get this album DJ KRUSH - Cosmic Yard
Darryl Antarr [United States]
Love your site.Have no problem downloading!
clay thomas [austrailia]
Please consider adding artist - Carrie Underwood. Specifically the album - Cry Pretty. Thanks you and Merry Christmas to All!
Matt McKinney [United States]
Slipknot - .5: The Gray Chapter won't download. It just goes to a blank screen when I click the download link.the
Jason Otey [United States]
Dec 4th, just hopped on for the first time in about a month, and there are bands that I KNOW are on here, and comes back w 0 results. PLEASE HELP!
Kassidi Trask [United States]
I have also been having issues with being able to get the search engine to function since yesterday. (12/3/2018). It won't even recognize huge artists that I know have albums on this site.
Scott Medina [United States]
As of December 3rd, your Search function isn't working at all. Hopefully you can fix this soon, thank you!
ronny ivarsson [Germany]
Dec 3d, Your search engine does not seem to work properly Regards Ronny
ADRIAN WALLEN [United Kingdom]
Hi there, I am having problems with your search engine. It is no longer recognising Cliff Richard for example, or anything else when you start typing the artist's name in and it usually recognises the rest. But it stopped working altogether yesterday. I have tried since on 2 different devices. Can you help please? Thanks, Tony
Christian Maeder [Switzerland]
Hi, would be great if you could share 40 Trips Around the Sun (2018) by TOTO
Richard Worrall [United Kingdom]
'Legion Condor' by Nahkampf is on your recent release list - originally released in 2002. Hang your heads in shame .... A no mark band glorifying the Nazi bombers of Guernica in the Spanish Civil War .... What ever next ..... A CD extolling the 'virtuous' Holocaust?
Walter Kalla [Germany]
Would like to get new Album from German Songwriter Groenemeyer / Tumult. When will it be available? b.r. Walter
Alex Robic [Canada]
Just a thought have you thought of getting your own app?