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Peter Flynn [United Kingdom]
The self-titled album Killing Joke (2003) by Killing Joke contains incorrect tracks. There is another self titled album called Killing Joke (1980) and you have duplicated the tracks from that 1980 album into the 2003 album: Correct tracks for 2003 album are: 1. The Death & Resurrection Show 2. Total Invasion 3. Asteroid 4. Implant 5.Blood On Your Hands 6. Loose Cannon 7. You’ll Never Get To Me 8. Seeing Red 9. Dark Forces 10. The House That Pain Built 11. Inferno 12. Zennon
Reinhard Pantke [Germany]
https://www.goldenmp3.ru/peter-green-splinter-group/reaching-the-cold-100 Is not Pre listening!
Peter Stubbs [New Zealand]
PETER STUBBS (NEW ZEALAND) Great website! But I have had similar problems as others above. I have tried to download 'VOYAGE' from ABBA repeatedly without any success ("Couldn't obtain link"). I have asked for help through the 'SUPPORT' facility but have had no response yet. Despite this, I notice that the payment has been deducted from my credit balance!!! Please let me know what the problem is and how it can be resolved. Cheers.
Reinhard Pantke [Germany]
Not Pre listening : Peter Green Splinter Group Reaching the Cold 100 Danke
Torsten Kunsch [Germany]
Hi, I miss the new album from Rammstein
John Hames [United States]
I'm thinking that since this site originates in Russia that it has been disabled in response to their military invasion of a sovereign country. I have no evidence, just a guess, but it may be down indefinitely and our accounts unavailable. Thank you, Putin.
Mark Hatch [United States]
I paid for a full album download, but when I try to download it I get this error message: This download.goldenmp3.ru page can’t be foundNo webpage was found for the web address: https://download.goldenmp3.ru/c89e00dfa0b650c1f808e753e091eabd/marcin-wasilewski-trio--en-attendant.zip How do I get this album to download, or get a refund? Thanks
Juan Castillo [Netherlands]
If you don't have sound on goldenmp3, use another browser! Firefox will do the job!
Fred Tropp [Australia]
Hi, Unfortunately Beethovens Ninth Syphony has a track break between the 4th and 5th file at a critical moment in the symphony, you have to hold your breath whilst the cd player changes tracks. Maybe there was no break in the original. Pity about that. Regards, Fred T.
L.E. Timmermans [Netherlands]
the album ADELE 30 has 3 bonus tracks on the deluxe edition, ( wild wild west, can't be together, easy on me) can you add the deluxe edition
bob [United States]
Thanks for fixing the pre view issue
D Shaw [United Kingdom]
Hello, I'have been downloading songs from your site for 6 years without problem but,... I cannot pre-listen songs anymore. I've tried withdifferent browsers and it doen't work. I've neither error status nor information pop-up. Please help, I need this service before buying
Luke James [Norway]
The French Dispatch soundtrack link has been broken for weeks.
Tamme Bergsma []
The '25' Album of Adele doesn't load (Couldn't obtain link). For the rest, I love this site.
alan wysocky [United States]
I downloaded Phil Ochs album "Chords of Fame." It had to be from a vinyl record, it was full of scratches and the selection "Outside of a Small Circle of Friends" had needle jump twice in the beginning of the song. Not what I expected from a site i've been using for years !
A Kyle [Australia]
Hi Folks. Beware anyone downloading the Ella Fitzgerald songbooks series. Most of them are wrong. Many are live recordings of different songs. (Other than that, I've been loving and using this site for years without issues) :-)
Jeffrey Turucz [United States]
I love this sight! I have been downloading music from here for many years!(around 15!) The fact you can request an album is the ultimate! I cannot say enough about this sight, the selection is amazing!!! KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOB!
victor arduini [United States]
Cannot download "Swallow The Sun/20 Years of Gloom" When I click oon the link it says "Opps not available" Can you re-upload ? Thanks
Roger Lacombe [Canada]
Sur l'album " BELIEVE " de Pendragon , le 2ième titre " No Place For Innocent " n'est pas audible .