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Would be nice to be able to add _artists_ not only albums into favorites.
Tim Rand [United States]
re: The Who Live at the Fillmore East 1968. This appears to be a bootleg version? The new one has a 30 minute version of My Generation at the end (the whole 2nd CD), which is not what is offered on goldenmp3. Check the version at amazon and you'll see the difference. I'd get this album in a second if it had the 30 minute My Generation.
David Hartzog [United States]
Cannot download song from Sia and David Guetta (Flames) Unable to find page. Can you resolve issue since I already paid for it.
Giovanni Moscardino [United States]
Hello. I’m on an iPad Pro and maybe I’ve lost my marbles but I can’t seem to have a Download Manager locate the 4 albums I purchased...they’re all in the Storage “Download” of GoldenMp3. I can’t seem to find a way in iOS 11 to bulk download out of Storage and into DropBox or Cloud or a simple “Free Download Manager”. I can’t Right Click > Select All. Not on an Apple thing! Anyone figured this one out? Thanks...
Bruce Rounthwaite [Australia]
Hey guys. Some Dragon would be cool. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=dragon+band&oq=dragon+band+&aqs=chrome..69i57.12912j0j7&client=ms-android-hms-vf-au&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#mie=e,overview,dragon%20band,H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgVuLUz9U3ME4uNMl7xOjMLfDyxz1hKatJa05eYzTh4grOyC93zSvJLKkUUuNig7JkuHilELo0GKS4uRBcHgBpQ0cHUwAAAA
Angelika Brueckner [Germany]
Thank you very much for the very best sources of music in the world.
thomas horner [United Kingdom]
Hi folks - can you get a download of the new Boxer Rebellion album just released pretty pls? spiceeba! Tom
James Armstrong [Ireland]
The album Ventriloquism - Me'Shell NdegeOcello you posted in the 'Whats New' section does not link to the album for download. Please re-post with corrected link
David Bahr [United States]
the first 8 songs of Johnny Cash's Ride this Train (1960) are all the same song. Error on your side.
Stephen Jones [United Kingdom]
I am unable to download the following track: https://download.goldenmp3.ru/9077c56223de5a7ed0a2da574c446e91/02-If_I_Go.mp3 Could you please repair the link asap. Thanks.
Peter Sayers [United Kingdom]
Great site, which I've been using for 5 years now to download mp3 tracks. What I would like to be able to download from you though are MUSIC VIDEOS. When will you add these onto your site? Hopefully soon, as there are plenty which I would download. Anyone else want to get them too? If so, please join me and request them too. Thanks.
Christopher Bartlett [United Kingdom]
Hi, I have downloaded many albums from your site, very happy with the price, speed and quality I have recently downloaded THE CORRS VH1 PRESENTS THE CORRS LIVE IN DUBLIN and the tracks jump quite badly. Can this be resolved Thanks Chris
steve wilkinson [Spain]
Hi, I like your site and it is interesting that you have a small but good classical section. Can you please add more albums of this type. I have noticed a crucial mistake at the end of the first movement of Barenboim Bruckner 9 symphony. The piece cuts just before completion at a very important point can you rectify this as soon as possible. More twentieth century classical music would be welcome.
Torsten Kunsch [Germany]
this site will be updated or not? I really think about to fill up my account with money again but I miss a lot of new albums in the metal section since a few month!
Tom Larkin []
Hi, Please bring back the option of the 'old' or classic view. I really liked checking out artists I'd never heard of before. Love the site by the way
Karan Talwar [India]
There are a few things I would like to request- 1) Please give a selection box next to the track name incase I only want to download 3-4 songs from an album 2) the side items should display on their own, we should not need to click the down arrow (release details, quality etc) 3) If you could give the hit song from each album, would help us download some songs we may like and then purchase the album
Derek Joyce [Canada]
Long time advocate of goldenmp3.ru. Please add New Facts Emerge from The Fall (07/2017) to your catalogue. Cheers
James Chelliah [Malaysia]
my music collection has improved tremendously thanks to y'all... Much love from Malaysia!!! :)
Greta Homann [Germany]
Thank you for this possibility to download low priced musik. Thank you for the feature to make requests and get quick answers.
dax ashworth [uk]
It's just taken me 15 minutes to get into my own account because of the stupid pictures/ captures sign in - please make this stop - it's too over the top - it's making me reconsider using this site