We love feedback

Micheal Reichenberg [United States]
You love feedback but apparently you don't read it.
Alain GROS [France]
Impossible ti download !!!
Alain GROS [France]
Impossible to listen music !!!
Reinhard Pantke [Germany]
I think you love feedback!
Reinhard Pantke [Germany]
Why can't I use "preview" to listen to songs before buying? Please respond.
Alan Doak [United Kingdom]
Why can't I use "preview" to listen to songs before buying? Please respond.
Arthur Thacker [United States]
Can't download songs currently--even from my own music library.
Luke James [Norway]
Where is the soundtrack to Encanto or Tick.. Tick... Boom!?
Luke James [Norway]
The French Dispatch soundtrack link has been broken for weeks.
Alain GROS [France]
HOUHOU, Is there anybody there ? The tracks don't move.
bob [United States]
the preview for tracs does not work.. can you please fix
ronald musarra [United States]
I have asked many times,Please fix the preview listening issue, I have been a customer many years,, and have spent $$$$$$ on purchases. Apple/safari and chrome issues Thanks'Ron M
Gary Thomas-McGenity [United Kingdom]
The track preview listening facility has stopped working. Can you pleasse fix this issue.
Alain GROS [France]
Impossible to listen music before telecharging...
errol mcleary [United Kingdom]
I'm unable to download songs and it appears that i'm not in isolation. Why don't you respond to this problem?
D Shaw [United Kingdom]
you don't reply to support messages, maybe you don't receive them? anyway, like the previous post says, it's impossible to preview tracks at the moment, no browser will play them. any chance you can fix this? thank you :D
karen moodie [United Kingdom]
The listen facility seems to have stopped working
Tamme Bergsma []
The '25' Album of Adele doesn't load (Couldn't obtain link). For the rest, I love this site.
Helmut Burkert [Germany]
Hello Golden MP3 you shall rearrange / edit the security settings of your Website. Most of the Browser Apps like FIREFOX and SAFARI and GOOGLE CHROME call your Site "Not secure" since a few Days and didn't want to check in anymore. Check out what happened and make it work on ALL Browsers again. Best regards Helmut Burkert
alan wysocky [United States]
I downloaded Phil Ochs album "Chords of Fame." It had to be from a vinyl record, it was full of scratches and the selection "Outside of a Small Circle of Friends" had needle jump twice in the beginning of the song. Not what I expected from a site i've been using for years !