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David Dorsey [United States]
Hi, Having trouble downloading this album (404 error): https://download.goldenmp3.ru/9114d946be51e3a4112f5f1fc9f602ed/peter-kater--she-feat-peia-luzzi.zip
David Bahr [United States]
Ignore last comment: compilation album by different artists
David Bahr [United States]
The album Baby Don't Go from Sonny & Cher has 7 songs that are by other artists, not Sonny & Cher: tracks 4, 6, 11, 3, 8, 9, 10 all different artists.
Peter Baker [United Kingdom]
On my music account is an album I’ve never downloaded. It is Klavini by Emika and I’ve never heard of the artist. Has someone accessed my account?
Paul Henderson [United Kingdom]
I am unable to download music that I have previously paid for. When I attempt it, I get a message like below. https://download.goldenmp3.ru/800e5a***********cfb0f426ad352bc/katy-perry--witness.zip Even downloading individual tracks (previously paid for) are not working now. Please help
Darryl Levesque [Canada]
Lionel Richie / NBC Sounds of the Season Will not load. Just lost more funds..
clay thomas [austrailia]
Please consider adding artist - Carrie Underwood. Specifically the album - Cry Pretty. Thanks you and Merry Christmas to All!
Matt McKinney [United States]
Slipknot - .5: The Gray Chapter won't download. It just goes to a blank screen when I click the download link.the
Jason Otey [United States]
Dec 4th, just hopped on for the first time in about a month, and there are bands that I KNOW are on here, and comes back w 0 results. PLEASE HELP!
Kassidi Trask [United States]
I have also been having issues with being able to get the search engine to function since yesterday. (12/3/2018). It won't even recognize huge artists that I know have albums on this site.
Scott Medina [United States]
As of December 3rd, your Search function isn't working at all. Hopefully you can fix this soon, thank you!
ronny ivarsson [Germany]
Dec 3d, Your search engine does not seem to work properly Regards Ronny
ADRIAN WALLEN [United Kingdom]
Hi there, I am having problems with your search engine. It is no longer recognising Cliff Richard for example, or anything else when you start typing the artist's name in and it usually recognises the rest. But it stopped working altogether yesterday. I have tried since on 2 different devices. Can you help please? Thanks, Tony
Christian Maeder [Switzerland]
Hi, would be great if you could share 40 Trips Around the Sun (2018) by TOTO
Richard Worrall [United Kingdom]
'Legion Condor' by Nahkampf is on your recent release list - originally released in 2002. Hang your heads in shame .... A no mark band glorifying the Nazi bombers of Guernica in the Spanish Civil War .... What ever next ..... A CD extolling the 'virtuous' Holocaust?
Walter Kalla [Germany]
Would like to get new Album from German Songwriter Groenemeyer / Tumult. When will it be available? b.r. Walter
Alex Robic [Canada]
Just a thought have you thought of getting your own app?
Alex Robic [Canada]
What's wrong with your website songs don't play most of the time, I've tried on my laptop,desk top,phone and my tablet. Tried different internets you have a problem that's needs to be addressed because I would be downloading alot more if it wasn't so frustating. Regards Alex
rob paul [United States]
wtf is wrong with your website. it takes literally hours to download something.
tim holmes [United Kingdom]
Kode9 and Burial has been downloaded but can't be downloaded