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Juan Castillo [Netherlands]
If you don't have sound on goldenmp3, use another browser! Firefox will do the job!
bob [United States]
Thanks for fixing the pre view issue
D Shaw [United Kingdom]
Hello, I'have been downloading songs from your site for 6 years without problem but,... I cannot pre-listen songs anymore. I've tried withdifferent browsers and it doen't work. I've neither error status nor information pop-up. Please help, I need this service before buying
Luke James [Norway]
The French Dispatch soundtrack link has been broken for weeks.
Tamme Bergsma []
The '25' Album of Adele doesn't load (Couldn't obtain link). For the rest, I love this site.
alan wysocky [United States]
I downloaded Phil Ochs album "Chords of Fame." It had to be from a vinyl record, it was full of scratches and the selection "Outside of a Small Circle of Friends" had needle jump twice in the beginning of the song. Not what I expected from a site i've been using for years !
A Kyle [Australia]
Hi Folks. Beware anyone downloading the Ella Fitzgerald songbooks series. Most of them are wrong. Many are live recordings of different songs. (Other than that, I've been loving and using this site for years without issues) :-)
Jeffrey Turucz [United States]
I love this sight! I have been downloading music from here for many years!(around 15!) The fact you can request an album is the ultimate! I cannot say enough about this sight, the selection is amazing!!! KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOB!
victor arduini [United States]
Cannot download "Swallow The Sun/20 Years of Gloom" When I click oon the link it says "Opps not available" Can you re-upload ? Thanks
Roger Lacombe [Canada]
Sur l'album " BELIEVE " de Pendragon , le 2ième titre " No Place For Innocent " n'est pas audible .
Chris Baron [United States]
can't download Rise Against Nowhere Generation ("couldn't obtain link"). please fix. thanks!
Martin Bridgman [United Kingdom]
I would like to download Homesick from All rights removed by Airbag but the link is broken.
Arnold van der Dussen [South Africa]
Please have a listen to Emerger from Cape Town South Africa. I don't know if they have an album but lots of beautiful video's on YouTube. Proud to be South African when I hear music like this :)
Martin Bridgman [United Kingdom]
Under the band Galahad, there are two albums "JHeronimous" and "Incredibile" which are certainly not by the prog rock group Galahad. These are obviously by a different folk rock band also called Galahad.
Todd Sheets [United States]
UGH. So... tired... of... Hip Hop.
Thomas Mc Nulty [United Kingdom]
Many thanks for the prompt Conor McGinty download
Alex Robic [Canada]
Five finger death punch, decade of destruction doesn't download says it can't find the source
David Bahr [United States]
Your version of R.E.M.'s Eponymous is damaged. Songs skip. you need to re-upload a new version.
ger jansen [Netherlands]
Ger Jansen (The Netherlands) I am very happy with the latest Cut Copy cd I have everything of them great music!!!