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jan zingstra [Netherlands]
i tried to download csn (crosby, stills and nash. only 18 of the 77 songs were availeble... shit, and i paid for it !
Greta Homann [Germany]
Thank you for this possibility to download low priced musik. Thank you for the feature to make requests and get quick answers.
dax ashworth [uk]
It's just taken me 15 minutes to get into my own account because of the stupid pictures/ captures sign in - please make this stop - it's too over the top - it's making me reconsider using this site
ger jansen [Netherlands]
every time when I sign in I have to verify several schemes with shops or trafic signs. Is that still necessery every time I sign in??? I hate it. Ger Jansen (The Netherlands)
Paula Pirack [United States]
RE: Meet The Beatles. I downloaded "Meet The Beatles" yesterday and when I listened to it this morning, I found out that it was a cover band doing the songs (I don't know who, but it was definitely not The Beatles). It's listed on The Beatles page so I don't understand how this got on the page. I have downloaded other Beatles albums here and never had this problem. I would have emailed customer service, but every time I've done that in the past, I always get a message that the email was "Undeliverable". I would still like to download the real album but don't want to have to pay for it twice. Anyway, I thought you should know. Thanks.
Claus Jepsen [Denmark]
Why CAN I not listen to Jimi Hendrix war heroes though i had paid.
Robert Warren [United States]
Can you get the 'new' Song Remains the Same from Led Zeppelin. It has new tracks added to it.
Eva Vince [Australia]
I love this site, always have. I have a special request. Could you please upload an album called Reality Effect by The Tourists. It is not available on cd and I'm desperate for it. Pleease??
ger jansen [Netherlands]
Ger Jansen (The Netherlands) I downloaded the cd from Lucinda Williams The Ghosts of Highway 20, but I have a problem when I want to put it on my I-pod, he says that it is an unknown artist. I can not change the characteristics to fill in the right artist and album. When I download other cd's from your site, I don't have that problem. Can you solve it?
Keith Rendel [Australia]
Can you please get in Duke Dumont's Ocean Drive ... I love it! Many thanks :)
David Bury [United States]
Thank you very much for one of the very best sources of wonderful music from around the world.
Kim Dohm [UK]
Hello If you search for an album called: Syreeta (1972 album) what you get isn't correct. If you then search for tracks on that album like: To Know You Is to Love You I Love Every Little Thing About You You don't get these tracks on the album... Odd! Please help
Clinton Green [South Africa]
Hi Please upload a better quality of Joe #MYNAMEISJOETHOMAS Thanks Clinton
Isaac Conyers [Australia]
Thankyou for you very quick responses to album requests!
Jason Haasl [United States]
Ive said this once before, but. YOUR SITE IS ABSOLUTELY AUGHSOME! The greatest thing since sliced bread. My computer crashed and i save my music to my external drive. I am now in the process of putting it all back together again, digitally. Thought all my music was on the external. Nope. finding out that im missing a bunch. THANKS FOR SAVING IT FOR ME! ~~~~ DONT EVER GO AWAY!!!
Paula Pirack [United States]
Update to my recent post. I posted that I couldn't update my wishlist. I typed "various artists" in the "artist" line and, for some reason it didn't work. So I just typed the word "various" instead, and it worked. Now I can update my wishlist fine. Problem solved! I just want to add that this is the most fantastic music website there is! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!
john mcculloch [United Kingdom]
always great site but can we have the choice of old version/new version please thank you
alskfh laskdgjf [France]
Great site to purchase music to very low prices. Have downloaded a lot so far. Just one thing: Could you please add the new Backstreet Boys CD "The New Best Of - All Hits & Remixes"? It's huge and I already added it to my wishing list.
james n kimball jr [United States]
I have been with this site for years. I will pay for songs for the rest of my life. Get the licenses for major singers come on. great site make all singers available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Bleines [United Kingdom]
Hi there. Great site with an eclectic range of artists. However I would have downloaded much more if more of your albums were at 320 bitrate.