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william wynne [United States]
i can no longer hear the pre-view music before I purchase. That is really important.
Henry Mostert-Starmans [Netherlands]
i cant hear the songs any more as a pre-listening. i really need that to make choices. please restore that option
Derek Joyce [Canada]
Like Bob (U.S.A.) I can no longer preview songs. This feature is a must. Please inform us as to why this is occurring and what can be done to rectify it.
James Chelliah [Malaysia]
please ensure 320 bit rate for newer / recent music... quality is more important than small file size.. :-) otherwise all good
bob [United States]
cant preview anything. plus a lot of your country artist downloads dont work. can you fix please. tried customer support but never got an answer. please respond.. thanks bob.
Derek Joyce [Canada]
Long time advocate of goldenmp3.ru. Please add New Facts Emerge from The Fall (07/2017) to your catalogue. Cheers
michael wirch [United States]
This site SUCKS!!!!!! Won't take any of my perfectly good cards. Every card I try to enter it declines for no reason at all!!! I've tried to contact so called customer support....but thats a total joke.....THEY DONT EXSIST!!!!!!!
James Chelliah [Malaysia]
my music collection has improved tremendously thanks to y'all... Much love from Malaysia!!! :)
Bryant Schaugaard [United States]
A lot of country artists including Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Chris Young, Kenny Chesney, and Brett Eldredge are on your list of artists, but there is an error when trying to follow the link to them. I would normally try to contact support through wish list, but there is an error for that as well.
Samuel Gruen [United States]
i downloaded an album, but when i opened it in Windows Media Player, all the songs were one one track, but it shows as 4 minutes, so there's no ability to skip a song. I want to download it as individual tracks. please help me with that.
Dan U [Europe]
The download of the Album Elektro Guzzi - Live PA https://www.goldenmp3.ru/elektro-guzzi/live-pa is corrupt. Tried it twice, when unpacking the file messes around and doesnt show mp3 files... please fix it so I can download my purchase properly. thanks! best D
Torsten Kunsch [Germany]
it would be great if I could find the new live album from Rammstein
Greta Homann [Germany]
Thank you for this possibility to download low priced musik. Thank you for the feature to make requests and get quick answers.
dax ashworth [uk]
It's just taken me 15 minutes to get into my own account because of the stupid pictures/ captures sign in - please make this stop - it's too over the top - it's making me reconsider using this site
ger jansen [Netherlands]
every time when I sign in I have to verify several schemes with shops or trafic signs. Is that still necessery every time I sign in??? I hate it. Ger Jansen (The Netherlands)
Paula Pirack [United States]
RE: Meet The Beatles. I downloaded "Meet The Beatles" yesterday and when I listened to it this morning, I found out that it was a cover band doing the songs (I don't know who, but it was definitely not The Beatles). It's listed on The Beatles page so I don't understand how this got on the page. I have downloaded other Beatles albums here and never had this problem. I would have emailed customer service, but every time I've done that in the past, I always get a message that the email was "Undeliverable". I would still like to download the real album but don't want to have to pay for it twice. Anyway, I thought you should know. Thanks.
Claus Jepsen [Denmark]
Why CAN I not listen to Jimi Hendrix war heroes though i had paid.
Robert Warren [United States]
Can you get the 'new' Song Remains the Same from Led Zeppelin. It has new tracks added to it.
Eva Vince [Australia]
I love this site, always have. I have a special request. Could you please upload an album called Reality Effect by The Tourists. It is not available on cd and I'm desperate for it. Pleease??
ger jansen [Netherlands]
Ger Jansen (The Netherlands) I downloaded the cd from Lucinda Williams The Ghosts of Highway 20, but I have a problem when I want to put it on my I-pod, he says that it is an unknown artist. I can not change the characteristics to fill in the right artist and album. When I download other cd's from your site, I don't have that problem. Can you solve it?