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Alex Robic [Canada]
Five finger death punch, decade of destruction doesn't download says it can't find the source
Kenneth Azar [United States]
Any way, you can have Time-Life music collections like THE SOUL OF MIDNIGHT SPECIAL?? https://timelife.com/products/the-soul-of-midnight-special I think you would sell a lot of songs if available.
Jim Rocha [United States]
would like more stuff like El Chicano
ronny ivarsson [Germany]
David Bahr [United States]
Your version of R.E.M.'s Eponymous is damaged. Songs skip. you need to re-upload a new version.
Luke James [Norway]
How about the "Over the Moon" soundtrack?
Hugh Janus [United Kingdom]
Death of the party by the magic gang please
paul wynne [United States]
tricky latest lp: fall to pieces
ger jansen [Netherlands]
Ger Jansen (The Netherlands) I am very happy with the latest Cut Copy cd I have everything of them great music!!!
ger jansen [Netherlands]
Ger Jansen (Holland) download latest cd Rustin Kelly is not successfull any idea how to solve this problem
Donald Schmierbach [United States]
Thank you so much for making Gentile Giant's 'Unburied Treasure' available. I was able to see them perform several times, until they disbanded in 1980. Their live shows were truly innovative, and their musical skills and writing ability were wonderful.
Kim Dohm [UK]
The act CELESTE has 2 artists! Artist ONE CELESTE is - Black Metal NIHILISTE(S) NFIDELE(S) ANIMALE(S) MORTE(S) NEE(S) PESSIMISTE EP Is not the same act as Artist TWO CELESTE - Is a Soul Jazz Singer COMPILATION 1.1 *NEW* STOP THIS FLAME - Single They are very much NOT the same!
Christopher Bartlett [United Kingdom]
hi guys, great site. any chance of posting 'street fighting years deluxe' (4 cds) by simple minds
manuel garcia [Spain]
El Ășltimo disco de The Steeldrivers, Bad for you, no se puede descargar
Torsten Kunsch [Germany]
I hope that I will find the new album of DEMONS & WIZARDS on 21.2.
Michael Gilg [United States]
The songs on 'A Prog Rock Christmas' are not in synch. Song #1 plays You're a Mean One Mister Grinch which is several songs later.
Torsten Kunsch [Germany]
please the new Live Album from Nightwish: Decades:Live in Buenos Aires
Tom Parker [United Kingdom]
The new album in the progressive rock section "prog Rock Christmas" has the wrong music playing when the tracks are selectd. I't sounds like a soundtrack to a film of some kind, but its definitely not the Prog Christmas album.
Torsten Kunsch [Germany]
I ask agian for the new album of Blind Guardian - Legacy of the Dark Lands
Torsten Kunsch [Germany]
please add the new album from Blind Guardian "Legacy of the Dark Lands"