How can I sign up for your service?
To sign up please fill in all the required fields on Registration page. After registration and replenishing your balance you will be able to download unlimited amount of mp3 files, earn money in our Affiliate Program, add items to your Wish List and use other services provided to our registered customers.
Please make sure that cookies are enabled on your computer.
What are the best programs for downloading music files?
To download mp3-files we recommend our customers using download managers, because most of them can resume interrupted downloads. After download manager is installed on your computer and you purchased mp3-files simly right-click on any active mp3 link and choose "Download by (manager title)".

I have already registered on the website, but when I try to log in I’m getting the message “This page is available for registered users only”. What do I do?
It sounds like the pages get cached in your browser. After opening a page please simply refresh it by clicking CTRL+F5. To avoid caching you might change your Internet browser settings: Internet Options -> General -> Browsing History -> Settings -> check "Every time I visit the webpage" -> ok.
What is «cookie» and how can I install them on my computer?
«Cookies» are pieces of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user's computer, ready for future access. To allow your web browser to accept cookies you have to enable them in your Internet browser settings (by default cookies are enabled).

For Internet Explorer 5 and later versions: Tools->Internet Options->Security->Internet->Custom Level->Scroll to Cookie->Mark 'Enable'

For Mozilla 1.0 and later versions: Edit->Preferences->Privacy and Security->Cookies->Mark 'Enable cookies'
How can I earn money with GoldenMP3.ru?
You may register in our Affiliate Program and start earning money with us. On your User Account you will find detailed instructions on how to direct customers to our site. We will also provide you with full statistics of your Affiliate Account.

Also you can receive money to your GoldenMp3.ru each month by taking part in our Special Program for webmasters.

How can I be sure in a quality of GoldenMP3.ru service before I add money to my account?
You can check out the exceptional quality of our services for FREE by downloading one song in mp3-format from the MOST POPULAR albums by our customers’ opinion. To do that please register, click on “Try service” link and then follow our simple instructions:

1. Choose any of the albums from the list of Most Popular ones;

2. Push “Get Link” button and you receive automatically generated test link to one mp3-file;

3. Put this link in your favorite download manager or use your browser features to download it;

4. Check out high downloading speed and the quality of our music;

5. Replenish your GoldenMp3.Ru balance and continue downloading your favorite music!

ATTENTION! The test link will be RANDOMLY generated for ONE of the songs from the album you have chosen!

I have paid for a song. I started downloading it, but lost my Internet connection. Should I pay for the song again?
No. The link will remain active within 24 hours after the beginning of download. As soon as your Internet connection is resumed you will be able to get back to the link either on the album page or in Purchased Files folder on your User Account. To avoid problems with interrupted downloads we recommend our customers using download managers.
What is VBR? Will my player correctly decode VBR file?
VBR (Variable Bit Rate encoding) adjusts the bit rate depending on the sound. For example, if there is silence in a song, the bit rate would decrease and if there is a full symphonic sound the bit rate would increase. VBR offers a higher sound quality at a smaller file size.

ATTENTION! Some mp3 decoders and players crash or incorrectly decode VBR mp3 files. For more information please read THIS!

Do your files work with Apple Mac iTunes and iPod?
Yes! But before downloading mp3-files to your iPod you might need to rename them on your computer so their names do not contain any unnecessary symbols.

By the way, you might be interested to know that all mp3-files on our site contain detailed mp3-tags so you can always find out full information about the song you downloaded on your computer/mp3-player/car stereo; the names of our files always match original titles of songs. This is what makes GoldenMp3.Ru different from other mp3 archives with their often useless mp3-tag information.

How do I download music from your site to my Apple Mac?
If you're on a Mac please push and hold "option" button and click your mouse on red mp3 link.
On GoldenMP3.ru I only get mp3 music. Is it possible to make it audio-format?
GoldenMp3.ru is an mp3-archive; all of our files are in mp3-format. But you can make them audio-files. To do that you will need a special program. You can find many similar programs in Internet.
How do I burn the purchased files on CDs?
To burn our files on CDs we recommend using Nero Burning Rom, Nero Express or Windows Media Player. You can also use any other CD burning software.
Before I buy a song can I pre-listen what I am about to download to be sure it is exactly what I want?
Yes, before buying a song you can listen to its short version for FREE in a low sound quality (bit rate). It should be enough to understand if you are interested in buying it or not.

To use this service please register and click on a small speaker thumbnail free mp3 preview next to the song you would like to pre-listen.

I paid for the song, how can I download it? For how long will it be available for me on your site?
To download a song please tick it off and push "Buy selected songs" button. You will see a red "mp3" link next to the song (it is a link to your mp3-file). Now you can download the song to your computer using your Internet browser (right-click your mouse and choose «Save target as» option) or any download manager.

ATTENTION! After the purchase links to the songs become available on respective album pages and get stored in Purchased Files folder on your User Account. They will be sitting there until you decide to download them. They will NOT disappear in a week, a month or a year. But 24 hours AFTER THE BEGINNING OF DOWNLOAD the links will be deleted from your account so you have more space for adding new links.

I am not able to pre-listen songs…
This error might occur if you didn't enable Java Scripts on your computer.

For Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level -> Scripting of Java applets -> Enable

I have searched everywhere, but I haven't found what I wanted. Am I allowed to suggest an album/artist/band to be added to your site?
Absolutely! Every registered user can add his/her music suggestions using Wish List.

Please tell us what artist/band/album you would like to be added to our mp3-collection and we will try to upload them ASAP. Each customer will be informed as soon as his/her wish is fulfilled.

Is it possible to download several songs or a whole album at once?
Sure! First of all please select the files you want to buy, then use “Buy whole album” or “Buy selected tracks” button. To download several files (or a full album) at once we recommend using download managers. After download manager is installed right-click your mouse on the first link to mp3-files you bought, choose “Download ALL Using (download manager title)” option and then set the filter to download mp3-files only. Enjoy!
Is it absolutely legal for me to purchase music at your prices?
All the materials on GoldenMp3.Ru are available for distribution through Internet according to license LS-3М-05-84 (ЛС-ЗМ-05-84) of the Russian Multimedia and Internet Society. Under the license terms, GoldenMp3.Ru pays license fees for all the materials subject to the Law of the Russian Federation «About Copyright and Related Rights». All the materials are available solely for personal use and must not be used for further distribution, resale or broadcasting.

Mp3 is a low-quality musical format. If you like particular album or song we recommend you buying the original CD record.

I don't know where my music is downloading.
Before you download a file from Internet please don’t forget to remember the place on your computer you are saving it to. If you forgot what it was please make sure to look for your mp3-file in My Downloads folder of your computer.

You can always find a list of the files you bought, but didn't download yet in your Purchased Files folder on User Account. You can also see the list of the files you downloaded in History of Downloads folder.

How do i close my account?
Your account will be closed automatically if you have no money on it and do not use it during a long time period. We will NOT close your account if you still have funds to spend. There is no time limitation to use your money and no expiration date. You will not experience any inconvenience while you are still registered.
I forgot my user name and my password. What should I do?
Please contact our support team, we will do our best to help you.
There are 2-3 skips/blank spots in the song I downloaded. What can be done about this?
We are trying to do all possible to avoid such mistakes. With a very low probability they are still possible considering the huge size of our music archive. Please let us know what album/collection/soundtrack you found this defect in and we will fix it ASAP. Thanks a lot for your help!